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How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy In 8 Easy Steps

Social media literally rules the virtual world! It is only right for marketers to invest in social media marketing. However, this rapidly-evolving field has its own challenges. Be it a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad or an entrepreneur in Canada, you will first need a well-planned and detailed social media marketing strategy before you invest in it. Here’s our simple guide for you to design the perfect social media marketing strategy in 8 easy steps.

  1. Be SMART and Set your GOALS

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy should have hard-set goals to begin with. You can include short-term objectives and long-term goals. Your objectives and goals ought to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Make sure that your goals align with the pace of your business objectives. It is always better to list down the specific social media metrics that you are going to adopt to attain a particular goal so that you conserve time.

  1. Know your Target Audience

Knowing your Target audience is the basic groundwork required for any marketing plan, be it online or offline. Conducting your research to know your target group is essential. Surveys and Social media analytics can provide a lot of demographic and psychographic information about your potential buyers/audience. Studying your customer behavior can improve your marketing strategies.

  1. Study your Competitors

Studying your competitors in your field will open new doors and opportunities for you. Knowing their game plan, their strengths and weaknesses will always help you move up your goals. You could also research into the social involvement of your competitors across various social media platforms. Knowing the local competitors of your specific field and their target audience will also help your marketing strategies.

  1. Conduct an Audit

There are various tools available online to conduct a social media audit for your marketing strategy. This Audit is to help you know your status on the social media platforms. It will give you information about your customer behavior across various social media platforms, analyze your social media presence, track down your target audience, knowing which platform will generate more leads and such information. This audit will help you improve your marketing strategy and adopt new styles of marketing. 

  1. Design and Customize your Social Media Profiles

With all the audience personas and the audit input available, you can curate your social media presence accordingly. Choose various social media platforms for a specific purpose. For example, if you are a cosmetics company, Instagram and Facebook can be used to promote your products, whereas Twitter and Whatsapp could be used for customer service and interaction. Visually appealing social media profiles will always attract new followers. Add more video content, which is likely to get more social shares and generate more leads.

  1. Get Creative to Engage your Audience

With numerous fierce competitors out there, be creative to stand out from the crowd of marketers. Be creative and engage your audiences through various social media techniques like hashtags, challenges, direct messages, comments, give aways and such. Involving your audience and interacting with them will increase your brand reputation. This will create loyal customers who later become advocates of your product.

  1. Strategize and Schedule your Social media Content

The quality and also the quantity of your social media are equally important. Schedule your content so that you don’t overthrow your content or make your followers starve for content. Follow a routine and a consistent style in your social media posts. This style and language makes your followers connect on a personal level. Include product descriptions, marketing details and also customer interaction in your posts. 

  1. Routinely Evaluate your Strategy

There is no such thing as a perfect social media marketing strategy. Every marketer customizes one according to their needs. Therefore, it is very essential to keep track of the results of your strategy. Social shares, surveys, demographic shifts, likes, comments, social engagement and views are some factors that will help you evaluate your strategy and allow you to make changes accordingly.

Be it a Digital Marketing company in Ahmedabad or an independent entrepreneur from Chennai, you will need to sit down and plan your social media marketing strategy. Follow our simple guide and crash your competitors!


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