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Social Media Marketing Tools recommended by the Pros

Social media marketing can be fun, but also equally challenging. Here are some pro tips to make your social media marketing easier and better!

  • Social Rank is a tool to filter your Instagram followers. This tool uses your specified criteria like bio, location or hashtags to filter your followers for your convenience. 
  • Impactana is a tool to search and find the currently trending or viral content based on the number of shares on social media. This can help you curate content that keep up with the trend. 
  • CopyPasteCharacter is a tool to insert special characters and symbols in your social media content. This will help your content to stand out from the rest. It also helps us to keep up with the character limits.
  • Consumer Barometer by Google is a tool to research and study online consumer behaviour. This provides valuable insights for curating your marketing plans. It also provides graphs to compare data between countries, areas, fields, etc. 
  • Twitshot is a tool for Twitter which helps you to add images in your tweets. This eliminates the long process of looking up related images, downloading it and then uploading with the tweet. This tool makes it easier by giving you the best related images. All you have to do is choose your favourite image!
  • Relay is a tool which helps to create top quality graphic content easily on par with global brand quality. This automatic graphic tool works swiftly. All you need to do is input your content, logo and the images; the tool does the customization and presents you with suitable and attractive layouts. Choose your favourite and the brand graphic content is ready.

These are some of the top social media marketing tools recommended by pros globally. Use them for smart access to social media marketing!


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